Anna’s Story – Loss of Pets

Our dog, Brandy, a black lab cross we had since she was a puppy. At 14-years-old, diagnosed with cancer; A fast spreading cancer, Brandy’s health deteriorated quickly. Towards the end, we slept downstairs with her on our makeshift bed as she couldn’t climb the stairs anymore. One night, I woke up after shouting her name and reached out to her. She was whimpering and, as I peered into her eyes, I knew the time had come to take her in to get euthanized. While the shot was getting administered, I cradled her in my arms, stroked her, and whispered goodbye. The days after were filled with anguish, crying, and the insurmountable pain of missing her. Three nights later, Brandy appeared in my dream, a visitation. Conveying her thoughts telepathically, she said, “I’ve come to say goodbye.” Teeming with happiness at the mere sight of her, I bent down to stroke her as I relished our precious time together. A few minutes later, she turned her head as if someone was calling out to her, and said, “I have to go now.” With a last goodbye, she turned, retreated, and vanished into thin air. A sense of peace so profound engulfed me, and I realized I could let her go now knowing she was okay. I was extremely grateful to have had this chance at a final goodbye.

Another time while going through cancer myself, I was lying down in bed after arriving home from chemotherapy treatment. My eyes closed, I could feel her tread as she walked from the top of the bed down to the bottom beside my feet. This is where she slept, always at the bottom beside me.

I would have a similar experience at the loss of Sadie, our golden retriever at 16-years-old. This time though I could feel her spirit in the car. She always travelled with us in the back seat of the car as we took her with us on outings and hikes. Her presence was so strong, I could literally close my eyes and feel her. Other times, I hear her familiar snorting, a habit she did instead of barking.

If you are in doubt whether or not our pets have the same experiences when they cross over, I hope this will put your mind at ease.

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