A personal journey into my life

This passionate account of abuse, suicide, loss, cancer, and love tells a heart-wrenching story of my journey through life and what guided me to self-empowerment. “Through powerful storytelling and detail-oriented retellings, I provide a window into my life and the struggles that brought me strength through my experiences.”

The story of

Anna Haines

Born in Alberta, Canada, and raised in Canada and the USA, I currently live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and our two children.



I have encountered many books that touch on sexual abuse, suicide, infertility, cancer, and spirituality, but I have tried to envelop these topics and bring them together as personally as I could.

In writing my story, I hope to uncover and reveal the secrets of my past. Not only to expose the stories, but also to release them, and in so doing, help anyone who feels alone, thinks no one cares, and to give encouragement and hope.

Believe in good; this is your lifeline, it makes you strong, and with it follows the choice to overcome.