Anna’s Story – Death is not the end

Every week I will be discussing a different topic on grief and loss, suicide, cancer, and spirituality.

“Death is only an end to our physical presence, our spirit lives on.”

My journey has been one of finding spirituality, an inner knowing, and a renewed sense of strength and well-being.

I have the ability to connect to spirit on the other side, and it is with certainty I can tell you our loved ones are around us, I would like to tell you of one such occurrence. My husband’s father died the year before I met Noah. Noah was in the Army Reserves and a day before being sent away for training, I was at his door saying goodbye. Newly dating, I was concerned that Noah would forget all about me by the time he returned. We were hugging and kissing, and instantly I felt a hand squeeze my shoulder from behind as to give me comfort. Inexplicably, I knew it was Noah’s father, and yet I had never met him. Noah’s father has been a mainstay in our lives, helping from the other side. There has been many instances he has made himself known in so many ways.

Grief is surmountable and measured by the longing of their physical presence. I can say with certainty even though you may not see your loved one, they are with you always.

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