Anna’s Story – Unconditional Love

Every week I will be discussing a different topic on grief and loss, suicide, cancer, and spirituality.

I became instantaneously enveloped in a white light; no longer in my physical body. I was infused and immersed as one with the light. I was filled entirely with a sense of pure, absolute, and unconditional love. A euphoria so great, it embodied me, and there was nothing but love – no pain, no worry, no sorrow, no guilt, and no remorse. There was no concept of time, and it felt like an eternity. A timeless, exhilarating moment that took my breath away, and I gasped in awe. It was too beautiful to describe, and words were not enough to explain this true miracle. It was at this precise moment I knew without a doubt there was so much more to life that could not be explained by science or religion; above all, it was universal. I did not want to leave and, if at all possible, would have stayed in this comforting, indescribable sanctity. Whenever I need to rejuvenate, I remember this time and cherish it.

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